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Foundation Phase Blog

Foundation Phase Blog 2nd July 2021


We have had another busy week in Foundation Phase. Nursery and Reception have been looking at the 'ng' sound colouring a beautiful picture of a King and threading 'ng' words on a very long string!


We have enjoyed sharing  the story of 'The Great Pet Sale' and then looked at how many pennies we needed to buy some of the pets in the story. I'm not sure the Komodo Dragon at a bargain 25p would be a sensible purchase!

We have also spent some time on the school field were we practiced our ball skills and enjoyed a fun game of 'Duck, Duck, Goose'. While we were there Miss Gunes showed us where she is planning our new forest schools area .


Years 1 and 2 researched facts about their chosen animal using their DCF skills. They went on to create a wonderful class pet book using all the facts they had found out about. They also worked on their key words which they used when they produced some lovely written facts ready for their class pet book.

We have looked at using money in real life situations and worked out our change.


The highlight of the week was when we had a very special visitor who was a very long and friendly corn snake!

The children asked lots of questions and Miss Gunes even had a hold! Then we all made our own long twirly snakes with our snake facts attached which we are going to display in the classroom.


Foundation Phase Blog 18th June 2021

This week has been a super fun week at school. Nursery and reception have been busy learning about the ‘Ch’ sound by sorting chicks into size, picking up chips with chopsticks as well as practicing our chopping skills. We also counted seeds and planted cress 

Year 1 and 2 have been working on the CCVC words as well as words with ‘air’ in them, we’ve had some funny silly sentences with  fairy, chair, stair and hair in them. They have been using their mass skills to make a fun mud pie recipes in the garden. We even found a worm in one of the recipes!!  

They worked very hard on pet adjectives which helped them writer a persuasive letter to Mrs Meaden about why they should be allowed to bring their pet into school! One name was chosen on Friday and we have a little furry hamster visiting us on Monday.  

Idris’s mum who works for the Cat's Protection kindly came in to talk to us about what she does and how to care for cats. We learnt so many facts and enjoyed asking her questions. We then wrote our own cat facts and played a sorting game on what a cat needs.  

The weather has been amazing this week and have spent a lot of time outdoors helping Mrs James water the plants. We have so many now such as kale, broccoli, potatoes and beans. We also had a treat when we had lovely fruity ice lollies in the garden to cool us down and time to chat to our friends.  



Foundation Phase Blog 21st May 2021


What a busy week full of fun learning! Nursery and reception have been busy learning new words beginning with ‘w’. They enjoyed cutting the watermelon, counting seeds as well as tasting!!! Measuring wiggly worms, sorting and putting to size order. On Friday they even tried their hand at weaving  Reception have also worked hard with CVC words and have enjoyed the challenge of sounding out the words independently. Year 1 and 2 worked on other sounds inclusion CCVC words and ‘or’ words, it was fun to write silly sentences using ‘or’ words.

Year 1 have been learning about corners and had such fun using their corner monsters to find the corners in the garden. Year 2 made right angle monsters and were so excited when finding right angles in the garden. We had a visitor thanks to Mrs Foster called Toddy the tadpole and the children were eager to learn about the life cycle of the frog as well as learning facts about frogs. The vocabulary they learnt and used was amazing. They then went on to design a fact sheet and drew a lovely life cycle and then labelled it. Beebots have been busy this week, the children learned about directions and programming. They enjoyed programming the beebots and seeing where they went on their treasure mat.


The highlight of the week was when the children had managed to fill their class treat jar to the correct level and had strawberries and cream during golden time and played lots of games as the weather was terrible !!!!

Thank you for all your support with spellings and reading.

Foundation Phase Blog 7th May 2021

What a fun week we have had in Foundation Phase this week. Nursery and Reception were being very crafty making volcanoes as the sound of the week was 'V', they then went on to think of other words starting with the "V" sound .  They have also been learning about patterns and were given the task of sorting different patterned scarves into various catergories. It was a fun challenge and Mrs Gunes was very pleased to have her scarf collection so carefully curated. Reception have been working hard on their ICT skills and putting together CVC words on the computers.


Year 1 and 2 have been working the 'oo' sound and we had lots of fun using cereal hoops to make the "oo" words.

 Mrs Gillet was delighted with the fantastic diary entries they wrote based on the story of Zog which they then re-drafted using Purple Mash.

They have been learning about sharing and division. On Friday they learnt the importance of being safe around electricity and enjoyed making a circuit in a group by holding hands and each one in turn being the switch or bulb. They quickly learned how a circuit works which will feed into next weeks lesson when they will be making their own circuits. There has been a lot of ICT use this week using RM Maths, Google Chrome to research facts as well as Purple Mash to play spelling games and to design wrapping paper with a repeating pattern.


Have a nice weekend and thank you for your on going support with spellings at home.  The children are so pleased to be seeing the results of their hard work.