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Foundation Phase

Foundation Phase Blog Week Begining 25/01/2021


This has been such a busy time for parents and teachers alike with blended learning at home and children accessing Hub at school. We are so pleased with the response that we have had to using Seesaw, parents have been so supportive and we have enjoyed seeing all the creations and work that has been uploaded.  


Since we have been back this half term the topic has been “Reduce Reuse and Recycle”. We have been using various stories to help us understand this topic but our favourite was ‘Michael Recycle’ who is a super hero who saves the dirty and messy town. We have been trying to follow his example. The children have been finding out how we can save our planet and how we can re-use rubbish, how we can reduce what we throw away and how to recycle. We have linked literacy and Numeracy to these stories and I have been so impressed with the rhyming words we found, the silly sentences we have written as well as lots of numeracy in the form of sorting, data handling tasks and problem solving activities.   


Thanks for your ongoing support, it is appreciated and we can’t wait to have all the children back safely at school.   


Foundation Phase Blog Week Begining 14/12/2020


Well, what a different but busy week we’ve had with Blended Learning this week.  I am so pleased with all your pictures, work and videos that you have sent in each day. We have had Christmas stories as well as learning about parrots linking activities to literacy and numeracy. It’s been a strange week not being in school and spending time with you but seeing all your pictures has been amazing. Well done everyone!

We wish you a happy fun Christmas and can’t wait to see you in the New year. 

Foundation  Phase Blog Week Begining 30/11/2020


Have you seen the Gruffalo? Well this week there were a few spotted, hiding in the school garden!!

Nursery and Reception have been focusing on the sound “g” and participating in lots of ‘g’ games and activities. They have also been discussing the time of day as well as counting backwards and making rockets.

Year 1 and 2 have been participating in problem solving activities, indoors and outdoors, linked to time and numeracy. They have been busy making outdoor clocks while thinking about how many seconds there are in a minute and how many minutes are in an hour. We took part in various activities -timing ourselves on how many hops, skips or star jumps we could do in a minute; even Miss Gunes managed to keep up with the star jumps for a minute!!!  

They have also been writing letters to another school about themselves and exploring the ‘nk’ sound in literacy.

With the onset of Advent we have been learning all about the definition of advent and thinking about what it means to each of us. This year we are also participating in ‘kindness activities’ each day from our “kindness” Advent calendar.  The children are very excited each day to learn whose name is pulled from the pockets of our Advent calendar to receive a treat.

We have had such a lovely week with great excitement, especially on Monday, when the children were able to share their thoughts and excitement about their appearance on S4C re-telling the story ‘Refuge’ which is the nativity told through the eyes of the donkey.

Foundation Phase Blog Week Begining 09/11/20


What another busy week in Foundation Phase!!

 Nursery and reception have been working hard on their” i “sound in literacy and looking at 2D shapes in maths.  They also had fun looking for insects and the cutting out pictures to enhance our cutting skills.


Year 1 and 2 have been looking at 2D and 3D shapes and investigating their properties. They have also been working hard on planning their story of the three little pigs by writing their own story maps working on the start, middle and end of the story. This will help them re-write the story next week focusing on connectives and adjectives. 


Remembrance Day played a big part in our week where we watched video illustrations, made poppies and participated in 2 minutes silence with our peers thinking about the soldiers who played a part in the war and the ones who died for us. 


Friday was a busy and exciting day celebrating and taking part in Children in Need. We all dressed up in our own clothes or onesies so we could collect money for children who need support. Firstly we joined in with Joe Wicks who was doing a sponsored 24 hour exercise class, even Miss Gunes, in her Pudsey Bear costume, joined in and looked silly! We made Pudsey hats, played Pudsey games outside and worked hard on Pudsey themed maths and literacy tasks.

Enjoy your weekend and relax ready for another busy week of fun and learning,

Foundation Phase Blog Week Begining 05/10/20

This week in Foundation Phase we have been focusing on light and dark as well developing problem solving in a real life situation (Mantle of the Experts). Our scenario was about Mrs Jones who had a black dog and was worried about walking her at night. The children were asked to think of ideas about what could help Coco after investigating colours and materials that were good to wear in the dark. We were then able to design a collar for Coco thinking about the materials and colours that would be good to use. Mrs Jones will be looking closely at the designs and is looking forward to seeing the finished designs!

In maths we have been learning about place value, Reception have become more confident with 1 more 1 and 1 less than a given number; year 1 have been finding the missing numbers and year two have been gaining knowledge about tens and units. Most lessons were outside practically with the children working in small groups and then explaining the process.

Nursery have been busy with apple printing learning the sound ‘a’ and counting apples in the water trough. We have had some beautiful apple paintings which looked good enough to eat!!

This weather has been terrible this week but hasn’t stopped us jumping in the puddles, learning about floating and sinking plus extra water means more mushy mud for creating in the mud kitchen. They have been creating lovely mud creations even with added herbs, twigs and leaves.

The Harvest Family Service at Nercwys Church was lovely with very excited children ready to show off their Harvest Scarecrow spoons they had made, each one so original and creative. Two were chosen and were given a prize which they were delighted with.

The highlight of the week was the ‘light and dark’ disco which we had with glow sticks and fun music. Even Miss Gunes has a dance and had lots of fun with all the glowing lights!