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Key Stage 2 Blog

April 16th Blog


It has been amazing to have the class back from the Easter break. What lovely weather we’ve had too.

The children have done their pupil voice for our topic this term, which is Japan and the Olympics. The children have been really interested in learning about technology in Japan.

As part of our topic we have been looking at the geography of Japan, in particular the islands. We’ve used Mantle of the Expert to design our own island and we’ve called it ‘Kazanjima’ which translates to Volcano Island.

The children have enjoyed their introduction to Kensuke’s Kingdom, we’ve had many interesting arguments about whether the children would like to go on a world sailing trip. Many of the children said they would like to go because then they’ll be able to see new places, which I think we can all agree with.

I think our favourite part this week has been going on the field for play times and then for PE. The children have enjoyed playing NFL, especially when we played our tag belt game. The class were extremely competitive. I can’t wait to see how our skills progress over the half term!