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Key Stage 2 Blog

June 11th Blog


It’s been an exciting week in our classroom. The children returned buzzing after half-term, I feel they’ve had what has been the most ‘normal’ half-term this school year and they’ve really enjoyed going on days out.


To start the week we finished Kensuke’s Kingdom, I don’t think there was a dry eye when we read the ending. They seemed to have enjoyed the happy but sad ending. As we’ve started focusing on the Olympics this half-term we’ve already started Toad Rage, which the children are finding very funny.


So, we can test our Olympic athletic skills in the coming weeks we’ve been looking at time in maths. Hopefully, we can use this to time our running skills and see if we can beat some World Records.


We were extremely excited when we received a special parcel; inside where some letters from our new pen friends in Nannerch. Thank you Miss Roberts! The children have started working on writing back to their friends in Nannerch and sharing lots of exciting things.


We had pupil voice for PE this week. The children chose Dodgeball, which turned out to be a very hot and sweaty choice. They were very competitive and played well. We have some future dodgeball stars!

Thursday was also a special day this week, we witnessed the solar eclipse, thank you to Tim who gave us the equipment to watch safely. The children really enjoyed being shown by Tess how to spot the eclipse from within the box. We went out at key points during the eclipse to see and we were very lucky to catch the sun at the perfect times. 

May 14th Blog


We’re getting back into the rhythm of school now. It’s so good to be back in the routine! This week the weather hasn't been great but we've been able to use the field to collect data. We recorded the plant life within areas of the field. 


This week we’ve begun to write a descriptive piece from the point of view of Michael from Kensuke’s Kingdom. The children have enjoyed sharing their ideas for alliteration and personification. One of the phrases used by the children was about how the sea had punched them to the shore. Da iawn pawb!


We’ve had an active maths week looking at multiples. The children helped write all the multiples in chalk on the yard. We then played a game where we had to run around and when a times table was shouted they had to run to find a multiple of that times table to stand on it.


We’ve been carrying on with our Mantle work all about Kazanjima. Typhoon Hagibis has destroyed the island and the children have helped give the map coordinates so rescuers can help. They’ve also been left with no money to rebuild the island, so they have decided to create ‘Go Fund Me’ pages using Adobe Spark. I can’t wait for us to finish and share them next week!


April 16th Blog


It has been amazing to have the class back from the Easter break. What lovely weather we’ve had too.

The children have done their pupil voice for our topic this term, which is Japan and the Olympics. The children have been really interested in learning about technology in Japan.

As part of our topic we have been looking at the geography of Japan, in particular the islands. We’ve used Mantle of the Expert to design our own island and we’ve called it ‘Kazanjima’ which translates to Volcano Island.

The children have enjoyed their introduction to Kensuke’s Kingdom, we’ve had many interesting arguments about whether the children would like to go on a world sailing trip. Many of the children said they would like to go because then they’ll be able to see new places, which I think we can all agree with.

I think our favourite part this week has been going on the field for play times and then for PE. The children have enjoyed playing NFL, especially when we played our tag belt game. The class were extremely competitive. I can’t wait to see how our skills progress over the half term!